What Are Complete Streets?

A Complete Street lets you and I get around safely in vehicles, on foot, by bicycle, or by public transportation. That means it's easy for people of all shapes and sizes to get around, even sweet grandma Mary. Staying active improves our health and makes us happy. Walking instead of driving reduces traffic and air pollution, which is a good thing.


Why Do We Need A Complete Streets Policy In Katy?

Streets were built for cars and are not required to include safe and pleasant places to walk or bike. Stumbling over grassy patches isn't very much fun, so instead we usually drive to get around. In Katy, only two households could legally and safely walk to the Public Library. It's impossible for people with disabilities to reach public spaces in our city.


How Do Complete Streets Promote Physical Activity?

Studies have proven that the way streets and sidewalks are designed affect how much we exercise. More exercise means less Obesity, less Diabetes and less Heart Disease. Having a safe infrastructure to access lets us walk our kids to school or ride our bicycles to the park.

How Do We Get Complete Streets In Katy?





The fine folks we've elected in City Hall have the power to make Katy healthier by implementing laws and policies to support Complete Streets. That will change how streets are designed and built, allowing residents of all ages and abilities safe walking, biking, and  wheelchair wheelie poppin'.

Last we counted, more than 1400 jurisdictions – state, local, and regional – have adopted Complete Streets policies in the US.


How Long Will It Take And Who Pays For It?

That depends on what features each street needs to become safe for active travel. Some areas might simply need a lower speed limit while others could use crosswalks, traffic circles, pedestrian signals, sidewalks, or bicycle lanes. 


Complete Streets policies effect streets that are newly built or reconstructed so their cost is incorporated into budgeted transportation projects.


Adding Trees, Permeable Pavements and Bioretention, turns our streets green. Complete Green Streets improve aesthetics while preventing floods, filtering water and even lowering temperatures on tree-lined streets.

We are all for Green Streets and so is the EPA, Smart Growth America, NACTO and ASLA.



I Like the Katy Pathway, Complete Streets Policies, and Warm Hugs.