..and If you love pizza parties, 80's pop tunes and soft cozy mittens..

You'll probably like donating to help Katy Pathways as well. 100% of proceeds go towards implementing Complete Streets Policies, creating safer streets and building pathways in Katy.

..but no pressure, we still like you either way.

Lets Talk About Where The Side Walk Ends

We trip and stumble A LOT during our walks, and its not just because of our two left feet. Our pedestrian infrastructure is incomplete, making it impossible to simply cross the road. Dodging oncoming traffic while avoiding curbside anthills doesn't have to be part of our daily routine.

Hover your mouse over the map to peek at Katy, connected to each other. (desktop only)

Existing Infrastructure

26.2 Mile Katy Pathway System

Complete Streets Sidewalks


I Like the Katy Pathway, Complete Streets Policies, and Warm Hugs.